The fur all cut and ready to go for the head of the furry monster puppet!
The fur just arrived yesterday, so I'm off and cutting. But first- I got the best tip right here on the blog from Amy Sue and I just have to pass it on! She mentioned cutting patterns out of plastic to make them last. So awesome! I picked up some placemats at the dollar store, traced my patterns on them, and cut them out. So easy, and so amazing. Thanks, Amy Sue!

A couple tips on cutting out fur-
1. Make sure the nap is all going the right direction when you put the pattern down. (The fur will look terrible if it is sewn together in different directions!)
2. When you are cutting, only cut the bottom fabric that the fur is attached to. This is done easily using small snips.
3. Always remember to flip the pattern over to cut "the other side of the head" instead of creating 2 left sides or right sides. I know it sounds simple and silly, but I've done it. :)
I usually get all of my fur cut out before I start any sewing, so I'll wait and get started on the sewing tomorrow.

Plastic place mats- super cheap investment in the life of your patterns.
I usually trace my patterns onto the fabric with a marker. If it is a light fabric, I will use a chalk or something that disappears easily.
Amy Sue
1/27/2012 10:38:59 pm

I'm so glad you were able to find those placemats/cutting boards. They work very nice for tracing the pattern (I do that on fur too) without warping the edges. I have made that same mistake of making two pieces for the same side, how frustrating when you only have just enough fur for what you are making!

1/27/2012 11:48:05 pm

What a great tip!


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