If a worm puppet needs hair- what kind of hair does he get? Well, this worm is getting lively, wispy hair made from ostrich feathers. I slice the barbs off the quill with an x-acto knife, about 10-15 together. I hot glue these together at the very end, about 1/8 inch up the barbs. Then, after I have done this many, many times over, I take a piece of cloth (cap!) that is the same I will be using on the head. I cut a very small hole in the center of the fabric, which I slide one of the barb groupings tip through. I hot glue it on the bottom to keep it in place. I do this in a circular pattern around the cap. When the head has been completed, I will sew the toupee on to it. For more pictures of the progress of the squirmy wormy puppet so far, check out my facebook site, too. It is

11/20/2013 12:28:55 am

cool, is there any other material we can use if ostrich feather are not available?


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