Now it's time to collect up my plethora of pattern pieces! For the monstery purple puppet, I will be using the "Mostro" pattern that I bought from projectpuppet.com . (I highly recommend their patterns- they are very complete and easy to follow!) I previously used this pattern on Brrrnadette, my teenage Yeti puppet,  so it's already been cut. When I do cut out the patterns, I have found it is really helpful to use spray adhesive to mount them to a heavy cardboard. They last quite awhile longer that way, and have some weight for holding down the fur, foam or fabric that I am tracing them onto. Looks like I've got all my pieces- tomorrow we'll be cutting out the foam!

1/18/2012 01:03:37 pm

Thank you for posting this. I'm going to be making my first puppet soon (I finally got my sewing machine for Christmas) and I'll be using the same pattern for my puppet.

Amy Sue Rabe
1/25/2012 10:51:30 am

Another good hint for patterns you use over and over; I go to the dollar store and get those thin bendable cutting boards. You can trace the pattern on to them and the cut easily with scissors.

By the way, I am loving reading your posts about puppet building...I just may have to try making one myself one of these days soon!

1/30/2012 06:35:10 pm

I love the teeth on that white guy. How did you do them? Great idea blogging the build. Very helpful to all puppet builders, especially those of us still in our 'infancy'.

1/30/2012 11:37:33 pm

Thanks for the encouraging words, Ken. It has been fun work blogging this build. Even though this particular furry monster won't have teeth, I can post a "special" blog entry (or two) on building different bits and extras that can make your own puppets unique, including teeth. (It should be within the next week or two) :)

3/5/2012 04:42:55 pm

Great work on the puppet. I love the color :). I just finished building my first monster with the Roly pattern from Projectpuppet.com. How does the Mostro pattern differ, especially, when it comes to the shape of the foam head? Is it like the Roly just bigger?

3/5/2012 10:19:44 pm

Hi, Fabian.
I haven't seen the Roly pattern, I have the Pinhead pattern, though. One of the nice things about the Mostro pattern is that it has pointers on working with long pile fur. I don't know how much they differ in size, my puppets are about 30" tall from toe to head.
Best wishes to you on your puppet building! It's an exciting adventure to undertake. - Kimberly

7/17/2012 08:00:48 pm

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9/8/2013 11:19:20 am

good night:
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3/27/2018 09:48:33 am



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